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The Benefits of Grassfed Beef

There is a Difference...
Grassfed is Better!
Better for the Animals.
Better for the Environment.
Better for the Farmer/Rancher.
Better Food.
Better for You!

Princess Beef - Health Benefits

  • Princess Beef means NO antibiotics and NO hormones
  • Grassfed foods are lower in fat, calories and cholesterol
  • Grassfed foods are higher in beta carotene, vitamin e, conjugated linoleic acid (cla) and omega 3 fatty acids (research shows these nutrients are important to reducing cancer, cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease).

Princess Beef - Environmental Benefits

  • Pastures reduce soil erosion while improving air and water quality
  • Pastures reduce greenhouse gases and global warming
  • Pastures provide habitat and forage for wildlife

Princess Beef - Farmer/Rancher (Family) Benefits

  • Living and working in a sustainable atmosphere, which they call home
  • Living and working in a safe and hazard-free way, for their entire family

Princess Beef - Animal Benefits

  • Raised as nature intended with fresh grass, air and water
  • Raised in a low stress envirnment and humanely treated
  • Raised healthy, peaceful and all natural

Source: American Grassfed Association