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More of us on the Internet (Click on the purple links to learn more):

NEW! Beef Princess: West Slope woman finds calling with grass-finished beef operation (The Fence Post)
This profile of our business gives a great overview of the operation's history and philosophy.

Princess Beef: Building a Family Tradition (Land & Livestock magazine)
This article published is one of the best written stories of how we came to be and our Holistic Management philosophy.

Resilient: Soil, Water and the New Stewards of the American West (
The National Young Farmers Coalition featured Princess Beef in its short film highlighting farmers and ranchers in Western Colorado who are adapting their use of water in the face of a drier climate.

Housewearts named Rancher of the Year (
We are honored to be named Rancher of the Year by the Delta Conservation District.

Ira Houseweart MetalWorks LLC (
Ira Houseweart's website featuring custom crafted furniture, hardware, railings and sculpture for home and business!

Video of Mother Cows and Calves (
We're on YouTube! See how Cynthia and Ira move Princess Beef mother cows and calves, supporting our intensive grazing approach.

Princess Beef grows happy cows (
This article published in January 2013 covers the roots of Princess Beef as well as some of the current issues with raising grass-fed cattle in the North Fork Valley.

Princess Beef on Facebook (
We're also on Facebook! Keep up to date on all the latest news from our ranch!

Grassfed and Organic Food Sites:

American Grassfed (
A website organized to protect and promote true grass-fed producers and grass-fed products!

American Grassfed Association's Beef Terminology Primer
This page gives a comprehensive glossary of beef terminology.

Eatwild (
Still the best website for grass-fat information -- updated regularly.

Eatwild's Beyond Organic Article
This article explains how operations like Princess Beef go beyond conventional organic standards by keeping their cattle out of feed lots in which they are fed high grain diets instead of their natural diet of grass.

Grassfed Cooking (
Author of The Grassfed Gourmet Cookbook, Shannon Hayes shares information on preparing grassfed and pastured meats.

"Power Steer" by Michael Pollan
Michael Pollan's article from the New York Times detailing the process and costs of conventional beef production compared to grass-fed beef.

Slow Food ( and Slow Food Denver (
Websites describing this educational organization’s dedication to stewardship of the land and ecologically sound food production – among other things!

The Stockman Grass Farmer (
Information on grazing and grassland management.

The Valley Organic Growers Association (
A non-profit promoting local, sustainable agriculture on the Western Slope of Colorado by supporting and educating producers and consumers.

September 2008 issue of Sunset magazine (
Describes all the grass-fed benefits and includes recipes for Burgers with Chipotle Barbecue Sauce and Grilled Rib-eyes with Herb Lemon Butter.